Smart Water​

Smart Water

Machine Learning for the Detection of Water Pollutants in the Danube
IoT-Driven Data Solutions for Water Scarcity: The Nutzwasser project approach
The Nutzwasser project aims to tackle increasing water scarcity due to climate change in the dry plateau near Schweinfurt. It focuses on turning wastewater into usable water using special treatment processes. The project uses IoT sensors to collect data on irrigation, weather, and water levels. This data is transmitted using the Lora WAN technology and securely stored in virtual machines to prevent data loss. The project monitors data deliveries to ensure accuracy and uses email alerts in case of issues. It also facilitates communication through the bidirectional rest interface for ALB (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Landtechnik und Landwirtschaftliches Bauwesen), with secure access for authorised personnel. The Nutzwasser project offers an innovative and data driven solution to address water scarcity and promote sustainable water management. Its approach can be a model for similar challenges worldwide