Sustainable Mobility

Special Track: Sustainable Mobility

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Objectives of the track

Sustainable mobility is one of the emerging topics of our time. On the one hand, mobility in the sense of moving persons and goods is one of the central functions for a successful economy and a worth living society.

On the other hand, mobility contributes the highest CO2 emissions besides energy production and is connected to many other harmful effects in the ecological, economic and social dimensions of sustainability. However, many industry and research activities as well as address sustainable mobility solutions that are emission-free, socially responsible, and economically long-lasting. In general, ICT solutions make mobility solutions more effective and can help reduce the adverse effects of mobility.

Topics of the track

This track addresses especially ICT-based concepts and solutions for more sustainable mobility in a wide-spread area of topics, e.g.:

  • Transportation as a Service (TaaS)
  • Smart City and Urban mobility
  • Mobility in rural regions
  • Open, Smart and big data for traffic solutions
  • Dynamic planning systems (tour, route, bundling) for more efficiency
  • Smart travel planning and assistance
  • Electric mobility inclusive hydrogen-based power
  • Green logistic solutions
  • Sustainable labor conditions in logistics
  • Platforms for sustainable retail
  • Sustainable last-mile logistic solutions
  • Car-Sharing, Ride-Sharing and Ride-Hailing Services
  • Prosumer approaches in transportation (b2b and b2c)
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Disruption and business models in mobility and transportation

This track will give researchers a platform to present the actual results of their work and discuss it with the conference participants.

Addressed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 


Benjamin Wagner vom Berg, Head of Sustainable Mobility Institute / University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven,

Please contact the organizer in case you are not sure whether your working topic is of interest for this workshop!


Depending on your aims considering the publication of your work, we invite you to send us your abstracts or full papers according to submissions.