Keynote on Next Generation Data Centers


We cannot imagine a world without information and communication technologies and data centers are at the heart of every ICT service today. It is therefore no surprise that the discussion on data center energy consumption and sustainability has emerged from expert communities to the general public with lawmakers around the world are working on stricter regulation. This talk gives an overview of the current state-of-the-art in data center design and shows that higher goals such as improved efficiency and sustainability not always come at a higher cost…


Axel Auweter joined Megware as HPC development manager in 2016 and acts as CTO since July 2017. In his role, he oversees a team of hardware, firmware and software engineers working on improving MEGWARE’s award-winning ColdCon® liquid cooling technology and system management tools for energy efficient high performance computing systems. His academic background is in the design and operation of energy efficient data centers, computer architecture, system level programming and operating systems.
MEGWARE is a leading European provider and system integrator of innovative, energy efficient and highly customized HPC solutions. With its team of experienced experts, they are a trusted partner for the design, assembly, test and installation of complete HPC and HPDA solutions, delivering first-class quality and service. MEGWARE’s R&D team develops pioneering value-add in-house solutions to build the most advanced HPC infrastructures in terms of performance, efficiency, scalability and sustainability.